The online exhibition of two films by Mandy McIntosh

POSTED BY: AnimateProjects | Wed Jun 15th, 2011 7:36 a.m.

Animate Projects is delighted to present an online exhibition by Scottish Artist Mandy McIntosh, featuring the online premiere of two films, Oompie ka Doompie and The Animal Riot.
Oompie ka Doompie depicts the journey of a Scottish family leaving behind a grim 1970s Glasgow to experience a new life in Johannesburg during apartheid. The Animal Riot provokes debate on the nature of liberty, employing the original story by Nikolay Ivanovich Kostomarov, which is sometimes cited as an influence on Orwell's Animal Farm.
Watch Oompie ka Doompie online here:
Watch The Animal Riot online here:
An Interview with Mandy McIntosh is also now online and can be read here:
An essay by Simon Yuill will shortly follow.
A full press release can be found here: