DIWO - CADRE build

POSTED BY: James | Thu Dec 3rd, 2009 4:33 a.m.

Steve Durie and I are hosting some CNC shenanigans over at the techshop ( during our winter break, December 15 - January 15 to take advantage of an unbelievable deal we are inviting the artists we want to work with and opening it up to the public.

TechShop Membership required (min $40)
contact james -at- factorynoir -dot- com if interested
sign up for the unclass
SJSU class credit available (for an additional outrageous fee)

we have some interesting people participating, and plan to make some cool stuff, have fun and enjoy the holidays

oh I should say too that we plan to meet on Tuesday at noon at the TechShop and figure out a schedule that works best for everyone for the month, the TechShop is located in Menlo Park.