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POSTED BY: Marco Mancuso | Tue Apr 8th, 2008 4:51 a.m.

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The english version of Digimag, Digicult monthly e-magazine of digital culture and electronic arts, is available online

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- KEN JACOBS - by Alessio Galbiati
- GEERT LOVINK - by Maresa Lippolis
- TAYLOR DEUPREE - by Giuseppe Cordaro
- AETHER ARCHITECTURE - by Marco Mancuso
- CARLO ZANNI - by Giulia Simi
- CHRISTINA RAY - by Monica Ponzini
- TROK! - by Bertram Niessen
- DAFNE BOGGERI - by Silvia Bianchi


- SONIC ACTS REPORT by Marco Mancuso
- GENERATOR X 2.0 REPORT - by Fabio Franchino


SHARE 2008 - by Luca Barbeni
JANEZ JANSA - by Antonio Caronia
THE EYE OF WOMEN- by Massimo Schiavoni
BABILONIA TEATRI -by Massimo Schiavoni


- THE DARWINIAN COMPOSER - by Luigi Pagliarini
- CITY OF THE FUTURE - - by Luigi Ghezzi


- Redazione


- Nicola Ferloni, Stefania Longo, Ornella Pesenti, Caterina Sartori, Barbara Viola


DIGICULT is a cultural project involved in digital culture and electronic arts. The DIGICULT project is directed by Marco Mancuso and based on the active participation of 40 professional people about, rapresenting a wide Italian network of journalists, curators, artists and critics working in the field of electronic culture and digital art. Translated in english, DIGICULT is today a web portal updated daily with news and , but it's also the editor of the monthly magazine DIGIMAG, discussing with a critic and journalistic approach, about net art, hacktivism, video art, electronica, audio video, interaction design, artificial intelligence, new media, software art, performing art. DIGICULT produce the electronic music and audiovisual podcast DIGIPOD and the newsletter international service DIGINEWS. DIGICULT in finally involved in side activities like media partnership and special journalistic/critic reports for festivals and exhibitions, consultancy and curatorial activities and is now working for Italian artists international promotion with its new born art agency DIGIMADE, presenting their works to main international festivals, cultural events, platforms and centers working with digital and electronics



- Marco Mancuso - concept, editing, direction and design


- Luca Restifo - programming

- Silvia Scaravaggi - editing news

- Claudia D'Alonzo - press office

- Giuseppe Cordaro - podcast


Luigi Pagliarini, Tatiana Bazzichelli, Bertram Niessen, Teresa De Feo, Miriam Petruzzelli, Luigi Ghezzi, Giulia Baldi, Domenico Quaranta, Lorenzo Tripodi, Massimo Schiavoni, Monica Ponzini, Domenico Sciajno, Valentina Tanni, Annamaria Monteverdi, Motor, Isabella Depanis, Tiziana Gemin, Fabio Franchino, Alessandra Migani, Lucrezia Cippitelli, Silvia Bianchi, Francesca Valsecchi, Claudia D'Alonzo, Barbara Sansone, Sara Tirelli, Alessandro Massobrio, Eleonora Oreggia, Paolo Branca, Giulia Simi, Silvia Scaravaggi, Maresa Lippolis, Francesco d'Orazio, Alessio Galbiati, Alessio Chierico, Claudia Moriniello, Giuseppe Cordaro, Cristiano Poian


- Nicola Ferloni, Stefania Longo, Ornella Pesenti, Caterina Sartori, Barbara Viola