art/film/performance - synthetic zero loft event - Saturday, May 27 - Tribeca

POSTED BY: mitsu2 | Tue May 23rd, 2006 6:40 a.m.

I'm hosting an art event in Tribeca this Saturday. Details below:

Saturday, May 27th, 7pm-10pm, 104 Franklin St, 4th Floor, New York NY

The next Synthetic Zero event will be part of the CONVERSIONs series, partly sponsored by the Bronx Council on the Arts. We will have experimental film, music, a multimedia performance, a live shadow puppet show, and visual art.

Tribeca space kindly provided by Temboo - Directions below.


Imagination Explosion - shadow puppetry
Yoko Kikuchi and Ann Zakaluk - Dream Bitches
Marianna Ellenberg and Jeremy Novak of DYMAXION - live music/multimedia

Experimental Film:

Alyse Emdur - "We Love Lloyd" - New York, NY
Chris Coleman - "Modern Times"
Diran Lyons and Jesse Wilson - "California Excursions" -
Jeremy Newman - "Paper Cranes" - Princeton, NJ
Joon Sung - "Touch the Strings" - Bowling Green, KY
Josh Weinstein - "Cross-Examination" - Brooklyn, NY
Meg Duguid - "Clown" - Brooklyn, NY
Lili White - "Cloudgate" -
Paul Amlehn - "Loakal", Part 1
Luke Lamborn - "square millimeter of opportunity" - Syracuse, NY -
Michael Betancourt - "Prima Materia" - Des Moines, IA -
Myriam Thyes - "Ascension" - Dusseldorf, Germany -
Tristan Pfund - "Vertige" - Geneva, Switzerland -
Marianna Ellenberg - "The Psychotropic Alphabet from Z to Z" - Brooklyn, NY
Mac McKean - "Head Up" - Brooklyn, NY -
Gigi Ng and David Thacker - "A Hand on the Doorknob of Greatness: The
Ever-Changing Form of Things" - Brooklyn, NY and Boston, MA
Heather Willems - New York, NY


Damali Abrams - collage - Queens, NY
Mikhail Gubin - paintings - New York, NY
REA - paintings - New York, NY
Amy Sinclair - installation - New York, NY
Linda Cunningham - sculpture - Bronx, NY -
Dmitry Gubin - paintings - New York, NY -
Rowena Dale S. Mohammed - paintings - Bronx, NY -
Mike Saijo - philosophical paintings - New York, NY
Rebecca Hackemann - photography - New York, NY -
Nora Herting - photography - New York, NY -
Betty T. Kao - paintings - New York, NY -


The space is at 104 Franklin St, 4th Floor, near Church St in Tribeca. Take the 1 to Franklin St. and walk 1 block east, or take the ACE to Canal Street and walk south on 6th Ave, turn right onto Church St, then right on Franklin St., or take the NQRW or 6 or JMZ to Canal St, walk a few blocks west to Church St, south 4 blocks and right on Franklin.,+New+York,+NY

Phone: 718-772-4961. Please ring buzzer and wait for someone to come down and open the door for you.

If you are interested in exhibiting or know people who might want to show their work at a future event (film, video, visual art, performance, dance, or music), please email

If you wish to submit film/video for a future event, please mail it to:

Mitsu Hadeishi
220 E 134th St #5A
Bronx, NY 10451

Preferred formats are DVD (PAL or NTSC) and VHS (NTSC only). DV, DVCAM, and HDV tapes are also acceptable, but not preferred.

Please forward this to your friends and email lists!


Mitsu Hadeishi
718-401-9347 / 718-772-4961 (cell)