Mikon Hall of Worlds

POSTED BY: Daniel Green | Sun Apr 9th, 2006 3:37 p.m.

Event Name: Mikon Hall of Worlds
Production Website:
Production Group: IFAM,
Date and Time: Sunday April 30, Noon to 8PM
Part of the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour,
Location: Collective: Unconscious, 279 Church St., just south of White. Take the 123456ACEWRNQ to Canal Street, Franklin St., or Chambers St.
Event Description: A monthly exhibition of computer controlled exo-oceanic life created out of found objects, fans, motors, pantyhose, and horseshoe crab shells.
Price: Free
For: children and adults
Phone contact: 347.245.7078
Email Contact: Daniel Green,

Summary of Event
Mikon Hall of Worlds is computer controlled pseudo ecology of inflatable sculpture, light sculpture, water sculpture, kinetic sculpture, real-time 3d projection, and real-time MIDI sounds. Parents, children, and infants welcome. MIKON is listed on the artbase, (\_criteria.rhiz) a juried online archive of new media art of 'potential historical significance.'

This month, Mikon Hall of Worlds is part of the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour, TOAST artwalk, This is the debut of the City of Behemot, a miniature city that will be in upcoming Mikon installations as well as a set piece in Leviathan v. Behemoth, to be produced by IFAM in 2006/2007.

Further info online:

Goto for print quality photos.

Goto for the project's homepage, including all the information in this email..

Goto\_web\_album\_08\_03/mikon\_video\_footage.ram for realvideo of the project.

Goto\_web\_album\_08\_03/mikon\_interview\_ukradio\_resonance\_01\_04.ram for a segment on Mikon from Resonance FM, an independent internet radio station from the United Kingdom.

Goto\_web\_album\_08\_03/mikon\_video\_footage.ram for realvideo of the project.

Goto\_web\_album\_08\_03/mikon\_schematic\_page.htm for a schematic on how the project works.

Mikon includes the sculpture of Alicia Mikles (, and the electro-mechanical interfaces designed by Glide, (