Minor Adjustments\\\\ May 17th @ The Hollywood Athletic Club

POSTED BY: Sariah Storm | Thu May 8th, 2003 8:34 p.m.

\The Terpsichore Group invites you to make some Minor Adjustments on May 17th at the Hollywood Athletic Club in the indoor swimming pool room enter from Sunset\

8pm - 4am

Minor Adjustments is created from the vision of providing a fully cohesive media art and music event presenting live video instalation work,traditional paintings and photography,live video mixing,live electronic music,fashion, and performance in such a way that the environment provides an overall multifacited experience with each element working together to create one large work of art for the guest or user to be a part of ---->>

Bringing a variety of communities together through various forms of traditional and experimental art is our goal. Making it happen in a special place is a reality.

We request your presence\

For full line up and ticket information go to:

For more information on submitting work or contributing music to future events, please contact sariah storm @