"The Bass That Ate NYC" - Miami Bass @ Passerby Bar, NYC

POSTED BY: cory arcangel | Mon Jan 20th, 2003 1 a.m.

Nico Mazet : Undertone Presents
"The Bass That Ate NYC" (Yes, we got dat bottom)

Members of Beige (Cory Arcangel) vs. RSG (Alex Galloway) vs. the Grandest
of all Wiz kids Taketoron ...
in conjunctiom with the public release of "Low Level Allstars" DVD (commodore64
video grafitti from 1985+) by Beige & The Radical Software Group

at: Passerbys @ Gavin Brown Enterprise
15th street between 9th and 10th ave
(L or A/C/E to 14th street 8th Avenue)
date: Tuesday, 1/21/03
time: 10pm 2am

Dance to the eclectic beatz ofMaggotoron, DJ DMJ, Luke, Jason X, 2 Live
Crew, MC Cool Rock & Chezy Chess, MC Shy D, MC A.D.E.

Roland Drum Machines, Commodore 64s, Miami Bass, Early Acid House,
Computer Hacker Techno.

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