25th Anniversary for Harvestworks

POSTED BY: cory arcangel | Wed Oct 23rd, 2002 1 a.m.

Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center 25th Anniversary Event November 7th, 02
honoring Dr. Robert Moog with buffet and cocktails
followed by performances with John Cale and others.

7pm - 9pm - Buffet and cocktails at Engine 27
(173 Franklin Street NYC)
Multi-channel sound works from the Engine 27 collection: Stephen Vitiello
with Pauline Oliveros , Elliott Sharp, Ron Kuivila with Ed Tomney, Ellen
Christi with William Parker, Chris Mann

9:30pm - 11:30pm - Performances at The Screening Room (54 Varick at Canal)
Performances by John Cale, Mark C and Zeena Parkins, Marina Rosenfeld, DJ
Taketo Shimada
Master of Ceremonies: Judy Nylon and "Sally"

Video and Digital Media by Toni Dove, Cory Arcangel, Zoe Beloff

Press Release:
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